10 HOT Women You Didn’t Know Are Transgender

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10 beautiful women who were born as males.
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To be born into a body you don’t feel is yours would have to be one of the most confusing and heartbreaking things to grow up with. Growing up as a girl in a boy’s body may seem impossible, but it’s the reality for some. Some people go through life not knowing what to do and being bullied and tormented for being different. The world is catching up, but it’s not fully accepting of transgender people, which opens doors, but closes a lot too. The ten women in today’s video knew they had to make a change and they’ve risen in the world of media as models, actresses, burlesque performers and more. You may not even realize that they’re actually transgender.

Andreja Pejic was born Andrej Pejic and was scouted to be a model at a young age. Before her transition, she spent most of her time modeling androgynously in women’s and men’s wear fashion shows alike. She finally underwent sex reassignment surgery as she always felt like she should be a girl and is now taking the fashion world by storm. Jazz Jennings is one of the youngest famous transgender people. At the age of 15, she’s had her own reality show and is a spokes person for LGBTQ issues.

Then there’s Laverne Coz who you might know from the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. She plays a transwoman on the show and is trans in real life. She made history as the first openly transgender person to ever be nominated for a Primetime Emmy in the acting category and is a popular face for the LGBTQ community. These women have overcome struggles but are changing the world for the better. Today we’re looking at 10 women you didn’t know were actually transgender.

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