10 Magic PRANKS for Summertime!

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In this magic pranks episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shares 10 Magic Pranks for summer time to prank your friends and family! Great magic tricks to prank people by the pool, on the beach, or just outside having fun in the sun this Summer 2016. Filmed in beautiful Orlando, Florida, these magic pranks are easy to do, funny, and perfect for beginner pranksters – step by step tutorial on how to prank with magic tricks just in time for Summer Pranks 2016. Thumbs up for more magic pranks and magic tricks revealed 🙂 Laugh At Life my friends! L@L

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Magic Pranks for Summer Revealed in this Video:
1.) Funny Sun Tan Lotion Sun Block Magic Prank
2.) Magic Hot Spot Magnifying Glass Prank
3.) Prank Shooting Ice Cream Magic Trick
4.) Burning Shirt Magic Trick Prank
5.) Water Bottle Dime Vanish Magic Prank
6.) Disappearing Lit Cigarette Magic Prank
7.) Disappearing Water Puddle Magic Trick Prank
8.) Temporary Tattoo Sleeping Magic Tricks Prank
9.) Magic Sand Name Prank Trick
10.) Appearing Sunblock Hands Magic Prank Trick

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