10 Painfully Awkward Celebrity and Fan Photos

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Hilariously awkward and cringe-worthy celebrity poses with their biggest fans.
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Some people’s biggest dreams are meeting their favorite celebrity. You never know when you’ll bump into them at a random bar or a book signing near your house. So, what would be the first thing you would do if you saw a star in person? It used to be an autograph, but in today’s technological world, we resort to a quick selfie or photo!

A picture says a thousand words after all. You would think taking photos with fans would be something celebrities are used to. They already have the paparazzi following them around town or the world. Taking a photo with a fan should be a piece of cake.

Well, in some instances, we are reminded that celebrities are just like us too. Sometimes they’re not ready to take a picture perfect pose. Despite being good-looking, even stars might have a problem on taking a good picture for their fans. We wonder what were these fans’ first reactions when realizing how awkward these stars’ poses are.

It goes to show that not all celebrities are flawless and maybe they should practice a little more in front of the mirror on unexpected photos. How hard can it really be? But these photos prove that famous stars are just as normal as us when it comes to uncomfortable situations.

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