10 Shocking Cases of Female Predators

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10 Shocking Cases of Female Predators

Top 10 unusual women you won’t believe who were charged as sex offenders
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The world we live in can be dangerous at times. You could get hit by a car while crossing the street. Your house could catch on fire. You could get attacked by a strange dog while out on a walk. In all seriousness, we could go on and on about the various types of dangers we face on a daily basis. Perhaps the most disturbing dangers we face come from our fellow humans. People, for the most part, are decent and law abiding citizens who aren’t looking to hurt each other or cause any type of unnecessary hardship. There are a few, however, who don’t fall into this category. Murder, rape, thievery – Such activities may never affect you directly in your life, but every day these things happen to people all over the world.
When we think of criminals and high profile crimes we likely picture a man as the perpetrator. Yes, in most instances these types of crimes are perpetrated by men. Take sexual predation for example. We’ve all likely read a story online or have seen a news report about some guy caught for this activity. Surprisingly, it’s not all men. There are more than a few women who have been arrested and jailed for being sexual predators. As you’ll see, women can be just as scheming and conniving as their male counterparts as they ‘hunt’ their prey. Unfortunately, it goes to show that there is no stereotype when it comes to sexual predators.

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