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For healthy skin, Eyes, Hair, Stomach problems, Joint pain, Headache, Periods, Lekoria, Sexual disorders, Menopause, Cold & Cough and For Long Life.

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Joint pain ka gharelu ilaj.
Periods, Menopause, Sexual disorders ka gharelu ilaj.
Pranayama and Yoga For a Long Life.
3 स्वास्थ्य सूत्र जो बदल देंगे आपकी जिंदगी |

Kidney failure or renal insufficiency is a condition in which the kidneys can not adequately filter waste products from the body.This condition which normally is reversible with adequate treatment has no symptoms in its early stages thus making chronic and irreversible in its late stages with a number of visible signs. At the stage of chronic kidney failure, medics always recommend a kidney transplant for the affected person. In today’s Health focus Walter Mwesigye speaks to Mukiibi Ibrahim a chronic kidney failure patient who is seeking a second kidney transplant.

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