AI can recreate Nobel-Prize winning experiments – Engadget

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From there, the algorithm learned how to change different parameters to bring the temperature down even further, and to do it with more efficiency. Primarily by adjusting a trio of laser beams. As the scientists tell it, the results were pretty impressive: The AI learned to do the experiment itself in under an hour, and its methods were beyond what even a highly trained scientist would think of. The team says that the algorithm is able to set itself up each morning and compensate for any changes in the experiment that happened overnight, too.

If you want to take a gander for yourself, the researchers have uploaded the algorithm to GitHub and it can apparently be used for quantum chemistry, quantum computing and femtosecond physics. You know, weekend projects.

The team’s next move? Going bigger. “We plan to employ the artificial intelligence to build an even larger Bose-Einstein condensate faster than we’ve ever seen before,” Dr. Michael Hush says.

AI can recreate Nobel-Prize winning experiments – Engadget

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