All about Raft Building – ARK Survival Evolved

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All about Raft Building - ARK Survival Evolved

OneWing Guide for how to build the best raft, all the build techniques to design and create your perfect boat build in ARK survival evolved on Xbox One. NEW FOUNDATION LOWERING METHOD:

Ultimate raft building guide.

Aligning the build in the centre

Lowering foundation into raft using pillars

Shortcut to sunken foundation

Extending the raft foundation

Building downwards

Splitting squares

Building a metal raft

Radius restrictions

Block limit 88

Carriage restrictions

Plant overlimit

Expedition Boat



Shark Cage

Area Denial

Breaching Boat

Spike Boat

Bangalore Boat

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Rigging a Whitewater Raft: Building the Ultimate Canyon Rig | Rapid Magazine | Rapid Media

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In this Rapid Magazine Digital Extra Feature we enlist the help of long time Raft Guide and regular contributor to Rapid, Jeff Jackson, to put together the ultimate whitewater raft for multi-day canyon river trips.
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