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A Moment Of Reinvention For The Party?

Many Labour members fear that these are not isolated incidents, and instead reveal a more institutionalized anti-Semitism that’s developed within the party.

The Labour Party “does indeed have a problem with Jews,” former Labour MP Tom Harris wrote last month.

“Unfortunately for Labour, the election of Corbyn as its leader has thrown a spotlight on a nasty kind of politics […]. Corbyn’s association with, and friendship of, the Hamas terrorist organisation is a good starting point: here is an organisation which, far from denying its anti-Semitism, proudly states its commitment to killing Jews in its own constitution.”

Before Corbyn became Labour leader in 2015, the party was the place British Jews viewed as their “natural home,” according to the the Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland.

Corbyn has faced criticism in the past for meeting with members of Hamas and Hezbollah, two designated terror groups that oppose the state of Israel. He even referred to the leaders of Hamas as “friends.”

Brits head to the polls to vote in local elections on May 5. It’s a defining moment for the Labour Party, which is set to lose many of its opposition seats and further undermine Corbyn’s popularity.

Anti-Semitism Is Not Just An Issue In Britain

Several other European governments are facing issues related to anti-Semitism at home, too. There were three violent attacks on Jews in the span of only a few months in the city of Marseille, France.

A rise in anti-Semitism is prompting an unprecedented number of European Jews to resettle in Israel, according to The Jewish Agency, the organization that monitors migration to and from Israel.

Almost 10,000 western European Jews made Aliyah, or immigrated, to Israel in 2015 — more than ever before. About 80 percent came from France.

Even larger groups are immigrating from Eastern Europe. So far this year, 5,677 Jews worldwide have made Aliyah. The largest groups come from Russia, Belarus, the Baltics, Ukraine and Moldova, The Jewish Agency told The WorldPost. Western Europe represents 20 percent of the total figure. 

All You Need To Know About The UK’s Anti-Semitism Scandal – Huffington Post