Amazing Plane landing and take-off footage at Maho Beach St Maarten

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This is simply the coolest beach in the world. Maho Beach sits directly adjacent to Princess Juliana International Airport, one of the smallest international airports in the world. Experience the jet forces of a 747 Jumbo Jet taking off just 50 metres away from you, and the sight of an Airbus landing just a few metres above the beach. Watch people and their bags being blown across the beach and into the sea…you can’t experience this anywhere else in the world. Just amazing!
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Flying Low! Beachgoers Look on as PLANE Flies Just Feet Above Them
Flying Low! Beachgoers Look on as PLANE Flies Just Feet Above Them
Flying Low! Beachgoers Look on as PLANE Flies Just Feet Above Them

Flying low! Beachgoers look on as plane flies just feet above their heads.

Too close for comfort! Tourist captures incredible slow-motion footage of plane passing just overhead of people on Maho Beach in the Caribbean

Maho Beach in Saint Martin is known globally for its close encounters with airplanes.
But that doesn’t make the phenomenon any less incredible, as this video taken by a recent tourist to the destination shows.
Approaching Princess Juliana International Airport, the aircraft is captured in slow motion as it makes its final approach, which makes the footage even more amazing.

As its shadow engulfs the beach, the sheer size of the aircraft dwarfs the tourists underneath it, who pose for photographs and watch in awe.
Seemingly closer than usual, the wheels look like they could be touched as turning heads follow its movement and numerous tablets and smart phones capture its landing.
Passing the fence and arriving inside the airport, the plane’s wheels appear to narrowly miss a taxi, which drives on by as if nothing ever happened.

Maho Beach is located on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, in the territory of Sint Maarten.
Aircraft are forced to land so close to the beach so as to touch down near the start of the short Runway 10, which is 2,300 metres in length.

As a result the area is popular with plane spotters and many of the surrounding bars and restaurants on the beach display airline departure and arrival timetables.
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