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At first, I treated Donald Trump’s popularity as a joke. Like many fellow Europeans, I laughed at his hair, his rambunctious behavior, and his outlandish speeches.

I took solace in the fact that, like in the previous two nomination battles, the GOP would need to go through a few polarizing candidates before settling on a more stable nominee.

Then, as the caucuses and primaries got under way, I started shifting uncomfortably in my seat. I still joked about Trump, but now with in a more eerily tone: “He said that? And he’s still in the race? Wait, what? He’s leading?”

I think I speak for many fellow Europeans when I say that I am have now moved on to full-blown panic mode: America, what the hell?

Donald Trump has commanding leads in close to all the states that will vote in the SEC Primary on Tuesday. He is no longer just a potential front-runner; he is someone who may possibly sweep Super Tuesday. That is an incredibly terrifying thought, because it puts him within target range of the White House and the nuclear codes.

Let me quote a British friend who recently summed up quite succinctly what many people are thinking over here, across the pond:

“I can’t take it anymore. I have children! I want to be able to rationalize and deride Trump in a constructive way but all I do is panic inside every time i see his face”.

Now, I am not going to lie: I probably would never vote for a Republican either way. That is irrelevant to this discussion though. I lived in the States for many years, in the South, in the Midwest, and on the West Coast.

During that time I saw enough of the U.S. to know that a large number of Americans and Europeans don’t see eye to eye on many policy questions, especially those relating to religion, social policy and immigration.

That is not the issue that concerns me here. The problem isn’t that you are about to nominate a candidate from a party I disagree profoundly with. I mean, Europe got through eight long years with George W. Bush at the helm. We can live with a Republican in the White House.

The issue isn’t even that he regularly spews out insults to pretty much everyone he can think of, though that is obviously part of why he scares so many people.

The real problem is that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have any plans for how to run the country if elected, let alone any thoughts on how to deal constructively with other nations. None.

In a much-shared moment from the most recent Republican debate, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) finally bested Trump on his plans for repealing Obamacare. Here’s how Trump responded when pressed to give details:

“You have many different plans. You’ll have competition. You’ll have so many different plans.”

The problem is that throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has not specified any of these “many different plans”. Not just with Obamacare, but in all policy areas.

In other words, Republicans are about to nominate a guy who hasn’t offered a single, detailed vision of how he hopes to govern the country. That is a really scary thought for America’s allies.

I could go on, but my request is really quite simple:

Please tell your friends and family not to elect a man who pairs bigoted and simplistic rhetoric with empty promises that he has no idea how to enact.

Because Donald Trump won’t, to use his own slogan, “Make America Great Again”. On the contrary, he stands a good chance of taking the U.S. over the edge of a precipice. That would be terrible for Americans and Europeans alike.

America, please don’t do this to us. I’m begging you.

America, Please Don’t Do This to Us – Huffington Post