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Am I saying don’t travel with an extrovert? No, I love mine and we have tons of fun together. He challenges me to get out there in ways I probably wouldn’t on my own. We meet different people and have interesting adventures. And I…well, I probably keep him from getting too out of hand. Plus, he reads more now?

Whomever you travel with, make sure you can negotiate your needs and carve out enough personal space that you don’t lose your mind.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Go Alone


When I travel alone, I revel in it. (Photo: Stephanie Yoder/Twenty-Something Travel)

It sounds counter-intuitive, but I think introverts are even more well-suited for solo travel than extroverts. We’ve got the inner resources to be alone and entertain ourselves for long periods.

When I travel alone I’ll sometimes go all day without making a connection. I revel in eating solo and wandering the streets of a new city with just my camera as a friend. I eat a lot of ice cream. I think a lot. Sometimes I go to bed early and don’t even feel guilty, just because I can. I do whatever it is I want to do and I don’t worry about other people. If I want a friend, I’ll make one, but I can just as easily slip away when I’m ready to hang out by myself again.

Fake it Until You Make it


(Photo: Stephanie Yoder/Twenty-Something Travel)

When I was 15 and struggling to make friends at my new high school, a wise childhood buddy told me this, and it changed my life: Whenever I’m feeling social anxiety I just pretend I’m not. I just fake it. As a result I’ve become an introvert whose pretty damn good at disguising myself as an extrovert.

I can talk to strangers on the train, make new friends in a hostel and even network at events. I’m not so great at things that require confrontation: ie., haggling, but I’m working on it. Being an introvert doesn’t have to mean being shy, or even quiet, and I try really hard to push myself.

Then again, sometimes my social anxiety gets the better of me and I get nervous about the silliest things — asking directions, for example. Travel is probably good for me in this regard; it forces me out of my comfort zone and makes me do these silly little things for myself.

How do you overcome anxiety when you travel?

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An Introvert’s Guide to Travel – Yahoo – Yahoo Travel