Anti-Semitism thriving in Europe – CNN

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Sadly, so determined is Europe to single out the Jews that it manages to hurt the very Palestinians it purports to help. Tens of thousands of them are employed by Jewish-owned factories in the West Bank. Once these Israeli products are labeled, they will not be purchased or even stocked by most Europeans. The result will be a de facto boycott that will bankrupt dozens of Israeli companies and render their Palestinian employees — who earn far more than the average West Bank rate — unemployed.

But Europe’s labeling harms not only Jews and Palestinians, but also Europe itself. The vacuum created by America’s retreat from the Middle East is being filled by Russia and other actors. Europe has the opportunity to step in and play a leading diplomatic role. But by following such a biased policy, Europe risks forfeiting the evenhandedness necessary for effective mediation.

A historic opportunity will be lost.

So, too, will Europe’s ability to fight anti-Semitism. Recently, France and Italy marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day by hosting the President of Iran, a country that holds a cartoon competition featuring works trivializing or denying the Holocaust. And while mourning its murder of 6 million Jews, European leaders eye multibillion-dollar contracts with an Iran that pledges to destroy Israel and its 6 million Jews.

Whether by Sweden’s foreign minister condemning Israel merely for defending its citizens from terror, or France’s foreign minister threatening to recognize Palestine unless Israel participates in his conference to recognize Palestine, Europe seems obsessed with Jews. Unfortunately, that obsession — characterized by the singling out and demonizing Jews while embracing their murderers — keeps European anti-Semitism thriving.

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Anti-Semitism thriving in Europe – CNN