Barwin: Sam Bradford will return to Eagles today –

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Word on the street was that Sam Bradford would return to work this week or next.

The quarterback accelerated the timetable to Monday.

Connor Barwin told 94.1 WIP in Philly he received a text from Bradford saying the quarterback will report for Eagles voluntary workouts today, per Howard Eskin.

“He’ll be here today. I talked to him. He’ll be here this week — he’ll be here today,” Barwin said. “I feel like I’m the Sam Bradford like news — reporting for Sam. But yeah, he’ll be here today.”

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Bradford has informed Eagles personnel he will return Monday.

Philly is in phase two of offseason conditioning, during which on-field workouts may include individual player instruction and drills as well as team practice conducted on a separate basis, but no live contact or team offense vs. team defense drills are permitted.

Eagles OTAs don’t begin until next week, so Bradford is getting his return out of the way prior to those on-field training exercises. Bradford missed two out of 10 weeks of offseason work in his holdout.

It always made sense that Bradford would end his short-lived holdout for a trade. After the draft came and went, there was no logical landing place for the quarterback. The best move Bradford can make now is returning to the locker room as soon as possible and break the ice. Barwin doesn’t believe there will be any lingering issue about the quarterback requesting a trade.

“At the end of the day, all that we really care about in the locker room is who is the best quarterback who is gonna help us win games,” Barwin said. “And I think right now we’re excited and we know we draft Carson Wentz, but I think most of this locker room — or if not all of us — understand that Sam is our starting quarterback and he’s gonna be the best quarterback to help us win next year. So we’re all excited to have him back.”

The Eagles have consistently said they want Bradford as their starter in 2016. His early return to the facility enables him to dive into Doug Pederson’s playbook without falling too far behind.

Howie Roseman’s trade to draft Carson Wentz might have caught Bradford by surprise, but it shouldn’t have affected his approach this season much. Given his contract and play the past few seasons, Bradford was always viewed as a year-by-year proposition. His best course of action, if he’s still miffed about the Wentz draft, is to play out of his mind in 2016 and ensure someone will want to start him in 2017.

Barwin: Sam Bradford will return to Eagles today –