Bernie telling truth of Mideast – Rutland Herald

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Last weekend the Herald printed yet another obituary for Bernie’s campaign. This one was based on a Daily News interview with Bernie in which he was asked specific policy questions on the Israeli-Palestinian question.

The author, Dunsmore, claims to have devoted much of his career to the Middle East. If so, he knows that repeated U.N. resolutions and treaties have called for Israel to withdraw from occupied territories. And he said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has “made Obama’s life miserable” for asking for a freeze on Israeli settlements and would “have Bernie for lunch” if he proposed the same.

Dunsmore left out Bernie’s Jewish heritage.

At the Democratic debate in Brooklyn this week, Bernie first reminded the audience that he was Jewish and had spent a good deal of time in Israel. He also said that Benjamin Netanyahu is not always right. He also said any solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian problems proposed by the U.S. should be fair-minded and consider equally the importance of the rights of Palestinians.

Bernie is the only candidate in either party who cannot be “had for lunch” if he criticizes Israeli policies or practices. And an even-handed position by the United States could go a long way toward bringing about a peaceful resolution to this major Middle East problem.

Last night I watched what I could stand of the liberal left media (MSNBC) as they “analyzed” Bernie’s statements from the debate. They implied, and actually seemed to believe, that Bernie was making these statements as some kind of last-ditch effort to win votes by criticizing Israeli policies. In New York? Are they crazy or just conditioned to think that being disingenuous is an essential element of a politician’s character?

The Herald and the Vermont super-delegates should get their heads on straight and support the candidate Vermonters support. We have such an opportunity in Bernie Sanders that it shouldn’t be missed — for the good of our country and our world.



Bernie telling truth of Mideast – Rutland Herald}