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BEFORE POSTING A COMMENT, be aware that if your comments include the following garbage, it will be deleted:

A. Statements resembling “you Americans are so stupid!”.
If you believe these few highly uneducated examples represent all Americans, it is more of an indication of your mental capacity, or lack thereof. America did not become the extreme success and massive global power that it is in only 200 years by being full of “stupid” people. Most other countries have existed many centuries longer than the US, and most can only dream of American prosperity. The people in this video are NOT the “norm” and this video is shocking to MOST Americans, that’s why it’s being shared by so many. Shocking videos spread, extreme average don’t! It is quite stunning to anyone who grew up in America and did not sleep all the way through school to see people have absolutely no idea of American history. These are basic history facts that we hear year after year in school and to not know ANYTHING about the Revolutionary or Civil War after attending school exhibits a mental deficiency with the “learner” or a tragic performance deficiency with the “teacher”, or these people were simply dropouts and never made it history class. So, NO, comments implying that all Americans are this “stupid” will not be allowed, mainly to keep you from embarrassing yourself!

B. Statements resembling “knowledge of old history crap is useless and unimportant”.
Again, these comments will be blocked in an effort to save you embarrassment. Anyone with a sliver of common sense or education knows the old saying “those who don’t learn from their history are doomed to repeat it”. If you believe that not knowing our history is “reasonable”, you apparently have no problem returning to slavery or allowing another Hitler to rise. Knowing history is EXTREMELY important. It is a guide book to what works, what doesn’t, what should NEVER happen again and what we should do allot more of. People who try to comment about the absurdity of knowing our history simply feed into the false narrative perpetuated by folks addressed in section “A”. Therefore, those comments will be deleted. MOST Americans are NOT “stupid” and most completely understand the importance of knowing our history.

C. Statements resembling “this shows the typical Faux News viewer, LOL”.
If you’re so weak between the ears that you would insult the majority of informed Americans to try to prove your point and are so mentally deficient that you can’t even grasp that Fox is mockingly pointing this out because Fox and Fox viewers find it almost unbelievable that people could be this uneducated, your comment will be deleted as well. Fox is #1 in cable news, far surpassing the others, which means your insult is directed at the majority of Americans who pay attention to the news and wish to stay informed and educated. Additionally, if your tiny brain can’t come up with anything more original than the EXTREMELY tired old “Faux News” phrase, you might want to stick to “I know you are, but what am I” in the schoolyard and leave this area for evolved intellect. Most people who post that BS are simply trolls, trying to stir up arguments because they have nothing of real intellectual value to contribute. Therefore, you won’t be allowed to troll here if all you want to do is jump at a chance to attack Fox News and the majority of informed Americans. Fox and Fox viewers find the lack of education exhibited by the individuals in this video shocking and disturbing. If you and YOUR news channel see this as “acceptable” and “nothing to see here”, maybe you should invest in a mirror and a new “news” channel before spouting ignorant insults!

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