Bombings leave local residents hesitant on world travel – The Sun Chronicle

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Laurie Reed of North Attleboro has always been hesitant to fly.

Tuesday’s bombings in Brussels only emphasized to her the dangers of traveling in an era of terrorism.

“I don’t travel that much,” she said Wednesday before heading into a local supermarket. “Neither, would I ever go on a plane to travel to another country these days.

“I lost a close friend because of 9/11. You know, they have all this security to protect us, with the scanners and the lines, but it’s obviously not enough. And it doesn’t help, either, that people are trying to rush through to get to their flights.”

A ripple ran through the travel and lodging industry Tuesday, following the deadly attacks in Belgium.

American Airlines, Delta and United Airlines canceled or diverted all flights to and from Brussels, where the airport was closed.

Security was tightened across Europe, just four months after coordinated attacks in Paris killed 130 people. Air travel and hotel bookings in Paris dipped in the aftermath.

But apprehension about travel, at least Tuesday, was global.

“While the attacks took place in Brussels, it is likely to have an impact on European travel demand in general,” said Savanthi Syth, an analyst for the investment firm of Raymond James, in a note to clients. “The attacks come during peak Easter travel and ahead of peak summer travel.”

For Jim Roderick of North Attleboro, what happened in Belgium on Tuesday will certainly effect where he plans to visit in the near future.

“I probably won’t go to certain places because of what happened,” he said. “I’ll stick with the safer countries, like England and Sweden. It’s a shame, too. I’m a World War II buff, and I’ve always wanted to go to Belgium to visit the Ardennes, where the Battle of the Bulge took place.”

Other local residents such as Jeff Deshire, also from North Attleboro, still have confidence in traveling.

“I don’t see myself traveling to Brussels, but if I had to travel through it, I wouldn’t have a problem,” he said.

“If I were planning to travel there, I’d wait,” says Tom Ford of Cohasset, in North Attleboro for a visit. “With what happened (Tuesday),I wouldn’t want to go there for while.”

Bombings leave local residents hesitant on world travel – The Sun Chronicle