BrandPost: Hybrid Infrastructure Offers Flexibility for What’s Next

3 weeks ago Comments Off on BrandPost: Hybrid Infrastructure Offers Flexibility for What’s Next

You wouldn’t try to pound a nail with a wrench or fix a broken pipe with a hammer. I’ve tried, and it didn’t end well. It turns out I needed a different tool to fix my leaking pipes, one that was actually fit for the job. In fact, it seems like I’m consistently in need of new tools to fix all the things that come up around the house. The more tools I add to my toolbox, the more flexibility I have to deal with the next repair project that comes along.

You might be seeing something similar in your data center these days. You’re tasked with supporting an ever-growing variety of workloads: from traditional applications like ERP and OLTP transactions to e-commerce and a whole new generation of mobile, social, and cloud-native apps. And just as my hammer isn’t the right tool for solving every problem around the house, there is no single type of infrastructure that can support the demands of every workload that gets added in your data center.

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