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Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said Wednesday that he had a conversation with wide receiver Corey Robinson about the prominence of football in the senior’s life.

Robinson, the son of former NBA player David Robinson, was elected student body president at Notre Dame in February and Kelly wanted to make sure he knew football was still a priority in his life.

Well, we didn’t have a conversation specifically about that. We had a conversation about football and where it fit in the grand scheme of things. Corey has a lot on his plate, and so the conversation that I had with Corey really was where is football in this priority list for you, and how important it is to you. As we got a chance to talk more about it, it was important for him to play football.

You know, we’ve both had some give-and-take in terms of how we can make it happen, and then we had the conversation about student government, and we were certainly very supportive of it.

But it was a bigger picture kind of conversation about more than just student government. Everything that Corey is doing and how important it is to be present amongst his teammates in his senior year for football.

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While we understand why Kelly would want to have a conversation with Robinson about juggling football and student government, there is a little awkwardness there. Kelly has emphasized how football players are also students previously and the thought of a football player who is also the student body president feels tailor-made for Notre Dame’s storytelling.

And it’s also not like Robinson hasn’t made public statements about how he’s going to handle football, class and student government. Around the time of the elections he told the Notre Dame student paper that his schedule was laid out perfectly to make sure everything was taken care of.

“This spring, all of our practices are in the morning, so we practice from six in the morning until 10 a.m., and the rest of the day is free, and I have one class a day, no class on Fridays,” he said. “In the summer, same kind of thing — we only practice for two hours a day, and I’m going to be here every day, all day, so that’ll be easy as well. I’m only taking one class. “

Once the Irish begin their 2016 season in August, Robinson said his schedule will change but would still allow him to fully work in student government.

“In the fall, we practice to 2:30 to 7, so anything between those hours, I can’t participate in, but the rest of the day, I’m free,” he said. “I’m going to have three or four classes … and the way my schedule works, only football and student body, so that way, I’ll be able to be fully invested in both, in those two aspects.”

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