Capcom needs your help tracking ‘Street Fighter’ sore losers – Engadget

8 months ago Comments Off on Capcom needs your help tracking ‘Street Fighter’ sore losers – Engadget

Capcom hasn’t outlined a specific solution just yet, but notes that more details will come next week. In the meantime, the team is working on a “permanent solution” and will start taking direct action against the folks keeping their records spotlessly clean via nefarious methods. A blog post over at Capcom Unity says that the worst offenders will be punished severely.

And hey, sore losers? if Street Fighter champion Daigo Umehara didn’t quit against challenger/rapper Lupe Fiasco at this year’s EVO tournament when the chips were down, what makes you so special?

Capcom needs your help tracking ‘Street Fighter’ sore losers – Engadget

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