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Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has never been afraid to share his opinion, no matter the consequences.

Well, he’s taking some heat for comments he made Wednesday at the NFL owners meetings in Boca Raton, Fla.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King, the Cardinals coach said, “People that say, ‘I won’t let my son play [football]’ are fools.”

Arians defended the NFL and the sport of football in the video, which can be seen here.

“This is the greatest game in the world,” Arians said. “I think it teaches more values than any other game that you play.

“You have things that happen in your life that aren’t going to be good. If you play football, you know how to handle them. It doesn’t necessarily equate in track and other things.”

Arians also addressed concussions and injuries in football in the interview with King, comparing them to other sports.

“We have this fear of concussion that is real, but not all of those statistics, I think, can prove anything.”

SURVEY: Third of Valley parents won’t allow kids to play football

The sports world quickly reacted to Arians’ comments.

Sports Illustrated‘s Greg Bedard tweeted: “Bruce Arians says parents who won’t let their kids play football ‘are fools’ …. Oh really?”

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco tweeted: “So now the attack on football, on guys like Bruce Arians for saying what he did, is back on again? Nobody forces anybody to play. Period.”

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