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SAN GABRIEL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA — Tourists from China have a reputation of urinating or defecating in public and the trend continues. Clearly these two women didn’t want to disappoint.

An unidentified woman reported two Chinese female tourists for allegedly peeing in the fitting room of a shop in a southern California shopping center.

The woman said she’d been waiting outside the fitting rooms and could hear loud laughter coming from inside one of the rooms. Then to her surprise, two Chinese women popped out from the same fitting room.

The woman stepped into the fitting room to try on her potential purchases when she noticed that there were clothes scattered all over the floor along with some used tissues and the floor was covered in urine. Needless to say the entire fitting room smelled like the inside of a toilet.

The shopping center’s management said that they are not going to put in the time and effort to locate the two women, but said that they’ll include an extra warning sign in the fitting rooms reminding customers not to pee inside the fitting rooms.

Which if you asked us we’d say was a no brainer.


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