Chinese tourist fail: family of three removed from flight for refusing to buckle their seatbelts

4 months ago 16

Last week a Thai Airways flight was delayed for 45 minutes because a family of three tourists from China flying from Bangkok to Hong Kong refused to buckle up their three year old son.

The three year old refused to sit next to his mother, crying and insisting that he wanted to sit on her lap. The mother eventually obliged, but when flight attendants were performing their pre-take off safety check they noticed the unbuckled three year old and informed the mother that she’d have to buckle her child in during take off.

The father, sitting in the aisle across from his family, told the flight attendant to stop bullying his wife and child. The flight attendant then offered to get a reclining child’s seat for the toddler if he didn’t want to sit in the seat. The husband yelled that the flight attendant was persecuting his family and demanded that she apologize.

Some other commuters on the flight lost patience with the demanding father and told flight staff that they should call the police. The angry husband told them to buckle their mouths or he’d do it for them.

Police were finally called and they escorted the family of three off the flight. Their luggage was removed, and they were forced to wait for another flight.
During the delay, police went over safety protocol with the parents and ground staff practiced wearing a seatbelt with the child.

A Thai Airways staff explained that children often did not want to wear seat belts, but that it was up to flight staff and the parents to convince the children to buckle up during take offs and landings. She said sometimes flight attendants will offer candy as an incentive for good behavior and it always helps when parents cooperate with airlines staff.

Hopefully the parents were more cooperative on their next flight. It’s a long walk or drive from Bangkok back to China.


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