Chloe Castro and Beth Morris have left the competition Credit: BBC –

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4. Paloma’s tarted the place up

Usually this stage of The Voice looks exactly like all the other stages of The Voice, but Paloma Faith has done her best to uphold her promise of bringing “emotion, performance and high drama”.  She also brought the entire contents of the John Lewis haberdashery department.

Her first act, Heather the school swot, performed in a purple floral dress, on a purple floral piano, against a purple floral backdrop, while transgender Jordan wore blindfold and had rose petals scattered everywhere. She was also barefoot. Let’s hope those roses had been thoroughly de-thorned.

The Voice desperately needed to be more visually stimulating, but it was all a tiny bit distracting. Still, they’re two of the best acts in the competition, so it shouldn’t do them any harm.


5. The coaches’ musical knowledge is a little lacking

What on earth? It always seemed as if Boy George and Paloma Faith might have been added to the panel more for their wacky personalities rather than their musical credibility, and now it’s confirmed. Boy George said he’d “never heard” Kevin Simm’s song, Des’Ree’s Kissing You, before (Really? How has Boy George  never seen Baz Lurhman’s Romeo + Juliet?) while Paloma Faith said the same about McAlmont & Butler’s wonderful Yes, which Ricky Wilson’s other act, Jolen, performed.

Perhaps Boy George stopped listening to music around the time he stopped having hit singles – his acts sung songs by Duran Duran, David Bowie and Eurythmics.


6. The presenters can speak – who knew?

The earlier stages of the show don’t demand much of presenters Emma Willis and Marvin Humes, but tonight they got to say some stuff, bless ‘em.

It was all a bit awkward though. Emma’s great, but for most of the show, Marvin’s job was to fill time while the crew presumably swept up rose petals and what-not, by reading out tweets, calling people “hun” a lot and asking the contestants mind-numbing questions like “if you were on an island what three things would you take?”. Painful.


Chloe Castro and Beth Morris have left the competition Credit: BBC –