Chris Weidman Reveals Injury That Led to UFC 199 Withdrawal –

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did his best to make it to
UFC 199
, but in the end his body simply wouldn’t cooperate.

The former middleweight champion revealed in a Facebook
post on Wednesday how he attempted to train through a painful neck
injury before ultimately withdrawing from his June 4 rematch with

After nerve and neck pain affected his sleep and he experienced
“severe vertigo” prior to sparring, Weidman underwent an MRI
revealing that he had a “large extrusion herniation” which was
located on a nerve “that shuts down the tricep and forearm

Despite receiving a recommendation for surgery, Weidman says he
initially opted to receive an epidural injection instead. It did
not make a significant difference.

“During this time I couldn’t sleep or get through any regular-day
activity with the pain I was experiencing. I actually felt my best
when I was working out but I couldn’t survive throughout the day
and night without painkillers and other medication to try to block
nerve pain. I had another epidural scheduled for this Thursday but
the doctors said again that it most likely wouldn’t make a
difference,” Weidman wrote. “I still planned on fighting until
yesterday when my coaches and loved ones really just put their foot
down. The people I trusted most were not behind me fighting and
pushing through.

“So before getting the second epidural I decided to give the UFC a
fair amount of time to find another opponent for Luke. This was
obviously a fight bigger than any for me and I trained harder and
smarter then ever but apparently GOD has other plans for me.”

The UFC is currently searching for a replacement opponent for
Rockhold, who defeated Weidman at UFC 194 to claim the 185-pound
title. Logical candidates appear to be Ronaldo
, Michael
or Derek
, and the latter two have already volunteered via social
media to step in on short notice.

Weidman, meanwhile, says he will need surgery but expects to have
full range of motion following the procedure. Depending on the type
of surgery that is performed, Weidman could be out anywhere from
six to 12 weeks.

“Even though it’s very hard for me to see a bright side right now,
the one silver lining I’m focused on is the timetable would allow
me to fight on that NY card in November,” he wrote.

UFC 205 is scheduled for Nov. 12 at Madison Square Garden in New
York. Weidman, a New York native, was a prominent figure during the
promotion’s recent push to finally legalize MMA in the state.

Chris Weidman Reveals Injury That Led to UFC 199 Withdrawal –