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Most ransomware gangs open to negotiation, says F-Secure

6 months ago
Businesses can take several precautions to avoid being victims of ransomware, but if all else fails, they should negotiate with their attackers, according to a report by F-Secure ComputerWeekly:... Read More

Thanks to virtual reality, could backpack PCs become a trend? – ZDNet

8 months ago
The HP Omen X VR PC Pack Chiropractors should be excited at what might emerge as a future trend in PCs. With the rise of VR, you may be... Read More

Say Farewell to Google’s Picasa – PC Magazine

11 months ago
Become One With Nature (From Your Couch) on Street View Tour the Statue of Liberty, Valley Forge, Yosemite, and much more–all with no crowds–on Google Map… More » Say Farewell... Read More

Apple developing iPhone and iCloud encryption that counters FBI-requested workaround, reports say – Apple Insider

11 months ago
Amid government pressure on Apple to build an iOS encryption workaround, the company is said to be developing stronger iPhone and iCloud safeguards that would render obsolete any exploit... Read More
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