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Did Duke Blue Devils guard Grayson Allen travel during his buzzer-beater winner against the Virginia Cavaliers?

The game between the Duke Blue Devils and Virginia Cavaliers was one of the best games of the season to date and featured an exciting finish at the buzzer on Saturday. Duke guard Grayson Allen hit an off-balanced shot at the buzzer with his right hand and the crowd at Cameron Indoor Stadium lost their minds, as teammates jumped all over Allen after the winning shot.

While it seemed initially like a classic moment and a big shot for the sophomore guard, it looks like it might have been a travel on further review. While it was an impressive shot nonetheless, it looks like Allen came back down to the ground before he got his shot off, which would constitute traveling.

A player can’t jump in the air with the basketball and then come back down to the ground with a basketball still in his hands. It looks awfully close and it appears that Allen did indeed come back down on his foot right before letting the shot off.

However, that’s such a difficult call to make in real time and it would have been hard to tell if he had come down before getting the shot off. It’s a tough loss for Virginia and they probably have a legitimate complaint over the end of Saturday’s game.

Did Grayson Allen travel? (Video) – FanSided