Encerramento Da Olimpíada do Rio 2016 – Apresentação Tokyo 2020 Mario Bros

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Encerramento Da Olimpíada do Rio 2016 – Tokyo 2020 Mario Bros
closure of Olympics rio 2016
olympic games rio 2016 mario bros
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It’s champion! It’s champion! It’s champion! ” . It was tense, was suffered , it was exciting , but the fans of the Brazilian national team finally let out the cry that was stuck in the throat . No one seriously expected a 7 x 1 , was not a rematch , but did not need so much suffering. The agony and the desire Selection and Brazil for the gold medal in men’s soccer to wait 140 minutes to perform . After a draw in 1×1 with Germany in normal time , not to score in overtime , Brazil won on penalties , 5-4 , and placed in the chest the gold medal in the 2016 Olympics.
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