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J.J. Watt is one of the greatest defensive players in football history, just five years into his career with the Texans. Enjoy him playing football while you can because it might not last too much longer.

Appearing on 610 Sports Radio in Houston, a CBS affiliate, Watt said he’s not going to drag out his career in the NFL if he’s not playing at an extremely high level.

Via James Palmer of NFL Network:

The immediate reaction here is to wonder if Watt will become the next Calvin Johnson, a total superstar and potential Hall of Fame player who walked away at the age of 30.

Watt is already 27, so the idea of seeing him leave the NFL in three years is kind of terrifying (unless you’re an NFL quarterback anyway).

But if you take Calvin and Watt on their face and compare them, it doesn’t feel like a plausible outcome.

Could Watt leave football early? (USATSI)

Megatron spent a long time toiling without any success. Watt’s already been to the playoffs twice.

If you had to hazard a guess and jump inside their minds, wouldn’t you assume Watt just loves football more than Calvin does?

It’s also easy to forget just how much changes over the course of three-to-five years. Watt loves the game now, is at his physical peak age and the Texans just spent big money this offseason to land Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller. They could be a contender in January. Maybe in three years he feels differently and isn’t playing well.

The human body is only slightly less predictable than the game of football. It’s also a very difficult game to play a long time. No one drafted in the 1990s is left in football.

Watt’s comments are a stark reminder to enjoy watching him play the game while you can.