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The long-awaited update that brings full multi-account support top Facebook Messenger has finally arrived. The update will make it possible for multiple Facebook Messenger users to access their accounts from shared devices, while still keeping their messages and activities private.

Instagram recently issued a similar update to allow for multiple account support on both Android and iOS devices – Facebook Messenger appears to be following suit.

Given the fact that so many mobile devices are shared these days, multiple account support is becoming an absolute must – particular for families. With the multiple account feature activated, it will no longer be necessary to sign out and summarily sign back into the device in question, in order to switch to another user’s Facebook Messenger account.

Facebook Messenger's Multi-Account Update Now Available

If the update has been applied, it’s simply a case of activating it under ‘Accounts’ in the ‘Settings’ menu.

“All over the world, hundreds of millions of people share their phones and tablets with members of their family and friends,” read the official launch blurb from Facebook.

“At Messenger, we want to make communication simpler, more seamless and secure, so we are happy that we have now launched a feature on Android that enables multiple people to log in and use Messenger from a single, shared device.”

They also made it quite clear that security and privacy would in no way be compromised by the new multiple accounts feature.

“The beauty of this new feature is that your messages stay completely private,” the statement continued.

“Anyone else who shares the device will just see the number of notifications of messages that you have, but they will never be able to see the content of your messages.”

The software update is rolling out right now, though there’s the option of going about the update by heading to the Google Play Store and setting the ball rolling manually.


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Facebook Messenger’s Multi-Account Update Now Available – Modern Readers