Fast & Furious 8 – Iceland | production featurette (2017) Jason Statham

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official featurette for Fast 8 – Fast & Furious 8 – now filming in Iceland
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It seems that both mega movies Fast & Furious 8 Supercharged as well as Indiana Jones 5, which is a remake of the original Indi are plagued with the stuns that went wrong.
1. Fast & Furious 8. Explosives were detonated too early before Vin Diesel stuntman’s car could jump though the flames.
2. Fast & Furious 8. Biker on fire and extinguishing crew started putting down flames a little too late.
3. Indiana Jones 5. Harrison Ford’s replacement was nearly impaled by the spear and run away from the movie set.
4. Indiana Jones 5. This time a giant ball got revenge on the actor by running him over.
5. Indiana Jones 5. It’s not the exploding Nazi vehicle you should pay attention to but to a stuntman falling from the roof without any cushioning.
6. Indiana Jones 5. Why did they hired a black guy to play a Nazi Lieutenant Mechanic in the first place? And did they forgot to tell him that he will be chopped in pieces by a giant rotor?