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New Cringe & funny fails Compilation, Feminist Edition. Instant Karma Video coming soon & much more so SUBSCRIBE!

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How to piss off a feminist: Call her a “Cum Catcher”.

The Top 100 Vines from the Best Viners of 2016. Featuring Its Just Lue, Danny Gonzalez, Eh Bee, Christine Sydelko, Mikaela Long, MelvinGregg, Katie Ryan, Curtis Lepore, KingBach, Darius Benson, Chris Melberger, The Gabbie Show, Thomas Sanders, Gotdamnzo, Cody Johns, Meechonmars, Sara Hopkins, Too Turnt Tina, Allicattt, BigCatDerek, Trey Kennedy, Bottlerocket, Vincent Marcus, Brandon Calvillo, Anna Clendening, Eh Bee, Scottysire, David Dobrik, Gabriel Conte & Summerella!

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