‘Final Fantasy X’ re-released again, this time on Steam – Engadget

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Final Fantasy XV finally launches this September, but publisher Square Enix wants you to take a look back in the vaults ahead of that. Final Fantasy X and its direct sequel X-2 got the HD remaster treatment on PlayStation 4 last year and now the double pack is headed to PCs by way of Steam. That means a remastered soundtrack, better-looking graphics and a few bits and bobs from the International Editions like a special boss fight mode for the first. No word on improved voice acting, though. However, there’s a quasi-Pokémon feature that allows for capturing and training enemy monsters to use as their own during battles — something first seen in the the second launch of FFX-2 in Japan. It’s confusing, okay?

‘Final Fantasy X’ re-released again, this time on Steam – Engadget

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