First Advantage Releases 2016 Background Screening Trends in Asia Pacific – Business Wire (press release)

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, a Symphony Technology Group (STG) company and the leading
global provider of screening analytics and identity solutions, today
announced the release of the First Advantage 2016 Background Screening
Trends Report for Asia Pacific.

The latest study by First Advantage reveals key macro and micro trends
and also provides the insight for organizations to benchmark their
current programs and fine-tune their existing screening practices.

The report is based on data drawn from employment background
verifications and reference checks conducted by First Advantage in Asia
Pacific. This trends report presents results covering Japan, Korea,
China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and New

All data were collected from a total of two million checks from January
to December 2015. Highlighted discrepancy rates have been categorised
into two groups: Overall discrepancy rates by country and by segment.
The screening results represent the company’s clients located in Asia
Pacific. The report results are segmented under critical discrepancy
types (employment, education, financial-related, Address, Database) and
examines the discrepancy breakdown by state and by industry.


  • The overall screening discrepancy of candidates in Asia Pacific
    totaled 17.3 per cent in 2015, a slight decrease from 2014’s 17.9 per
    cent. In 2013, this was pegged at 13.4 per cent.
  • By segment, the percentage of discrepancies coming from the energy
    sector was the highest at 26.64%, followed by the financial sector at
    19.29%. Both sectors saw significant increases in discrepancies over a
    three-year period.
  • The Australia discrepancy rates continue to be the highest in the Asia
    Pacific region at 24.72 per cent followed by Hong Kong at 18.04 per
    cent. China and Japan/Korea discrepancy rates are the lowest in the
    region at 7.51 per cent and 9.16 per cent respectively.
  • Employment discrepancy remains the highest check in three consecutive
    years. Candidates with errors in employment records registered 57.77
    per cent of the overall major discrepancy rate in Asia Pacific.
  • Educational verification discrepancy rates saw a slight drop of 10 per
    cent in 2015.
  • In 2015, from the overall discrepancy rate of 17 per cent, the most
    number of discrepant candidates by age was found to be the highest in
    the 26-to-30 year old age bracket. Candidates in this age bracket
    registered 29 per cent discrepancy.

“In a fast growing economy like Asia Pacific, with inherent cultural
differences and diversity, finding candidates with desired skillsets and
integrity becomes a challenge. To safeguard the organization from the
repercussions a bad hire, employers are embracing stringent hiring and
background screening programs,” said Erik Schmit, EVP and Managing
Director, Asia Pacific at First Advantage. “The objective of this report
is to assist the employers to understand the challenges and the most
common employment discrepancies in the region. A detailed insight on the
trends in the Asia Pacific region will help employers understand the
need to screen their employees across levels,” he added.

First Advantage is the leading provider of background screening in the
world and conducts around 54 million global background checks annually.

For a complimentary copy of the “First Advantage 2016 Background
Screening Trends Report for Asia Pacific,” please contact Wei Chong at

About First Advantage

First Advantage provides comprehensive background screening, identity
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Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., First Advantage has offices throughout
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First Advantage Releases 2016 Background Screening Trends in Asia Pacific – Business Wire (press release)}