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BELLAIRE, Texas – A former Bellaire High School football player was shot to death Sunday night during a robbery at a pizza parlor.

Peter Mielke, 19, was working at the Reginelli’s Pizzeria to pay his bills. He wasn’t supposed to be at work Sunday but he took a friend’s shift.

“He’s my guardian angel, literally,” said co-worker and friend Kaelynn Guzman. “He literally, like, saved my life because I was supposed to be working that night. Yeah, and I just feel like I owe him everything.”

Mielke’s girlfriend, Sarah Cartwright, was able to say “I love you” during a phone conversation before his shift started Sunday.

“You know, we told each other we loved each other and so, at least we got those words in,” said Cartwright as she was surrounded by friends down the street from the Bellaire Police Department.

The couple dated for more than two years.  Cartwright said Mielke was studying sports broadcasting at a local junior college.

“He’s so funny,” said Cartwright. “That’s kind of why I fell in love with him.”

Police say Mielke was shot multiple times by the robber who barged into the restaurant at Bissonnet and Bellaire around 9:30 p.m.

The robber demanded money and Mielke complied, but the robber shot him anyway.

Photos: Bellaire grad killed during robbery 

The Bellaire police chief is calling the suspect who killed Mielke a “coward” and a “lowlife.”

“You have some punk who comes in and tries to rob and kills him because they’re not moving fast enough,” said Bellaire Police Chief Byron Holloway. “Or they’re not doing what this coward thinks they should be doing and shoots and kills him.”

The chief says everything about this crime is “senseless.”

“He shot a hardworking man over what? Maybe a 100 bucks in cash,” said Holloway. “Most bad guys wouldn’t even want to associate with this person. I’m not going to call him a man cause he’s not.”

“We were crew, we were family with one another,” said Tyler Ramsey, a friend. “He was a beautiful kind soul who deserved the best and didn’t get what he deserved.”

Chief Holloway says police have crystal clear surveillance video from the pizzeria showing the ruthless killing, but they are not releasing the footage at this time. Investigators are also looking at other nearby homes and businesses hoping to get more surveillance video.

Anyone with information can call Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477) or Bellaire PD at 713-668-0487.

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