FRANCESCO SCOGNAMIGLIO Fashion Show Haute Couture Fall 2016 Paris by Fashion Channel

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A new story has begun as a natural evolution and the highest expression of past work.
Francesco Scognamiglio explores the language of haute couture in Paris, where it resonates and shines in all of its artisanal and cultural complexity and glory.
The Francesco Scognamiglio Maison is both an atelier that is the home of exquisite workmanship and a concept of rarefied, tactile, sensuous elegance. Today, Scognamiglio expresses the atmosphere of the maison through a vision in movement, unfolding among
salons of unequivocal splendor. Through the airy, intimate rooms, close to the audience’s eyes and senses, an ethereal, fragile yet powerfully erotic figure takes shape. Its subtle yet nuanced grace blends moods of yesteryear and the poetic drama of Paris and Naples, the designer’s birthplace.
Sculpted silhouettes hug the body and accentuate curves, transforming the woman into a pure yet tangible idealization of an angel, carnal and unreachable, palpitating in ruching and ruffles, eternally radiant in glittering Swarovski crystal embellishments peeking through skillfully used sheer elements.
Over 300,000 Swarovski crystals create sparkles that multiply on surfaces and linings, gleaming gracefully without dazzling. Roses bloom among embellishments, ultimately blossoming in the riotous polychrome radiance of a brocade cape whose textured surface
exudes the secret poetry of Neapolitan gardens. The highlight of the show is the bride, a Baroque triumph of lace and delicately opulent embellishment.
A pale palette of optical whites, transparent greens and dusty pink reveals touches of black and the luminosity of crystals. Platinum accessories emphasize lyrical, alien glamour.







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