Game of Thrones Episode 606 Recap: Tommen Finally Puts His Power to Use –

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Game of Thrones Episode 606 Recap: Tommen Finally Puts His Power to Use

Game of Thrones Episode 606 Recap

Meera drags Bran through the snow, and is having a hard time. Bran is still inundated with visions from the Three-Eyed Raven. Meera finally collapses, crying over Bran. “They found us,” Bran says, his eyes now clear. Through the woods, several Deadites rush them. A mystery man, face wrapped in a scarf, rushes in on a horse, and flings a flaming mace on a chain into the fiends. He insists the kids come with them, and the three race away on horseback. When they are finally safe, they sit and rest. The man says the Three-Eyed Raven sent for him, and tells Bran he last saw him as a boy. Their mystery savior reveals himself: Uncle Benjen. He explains that the White Walkers stabbed him in the gut with a sword of ice and left him to die. The Children stopped the magic from taking hold, in the same way they made the White Walkers. Benjen warns Bran to learn to control his new powers before the Night King comes.

Sam and Gilly take a carriage to Horn Hill, Sam’s home. Sam explains his father made him renounce his title and inheritance, but if he believes little Sam is his son, he will take them in. He warns her to avoid telling them she is a wildling. Randyll Tarly hates wildlings. When they arrive, Gilly is overwhelmed by the enormous estate. Sam’s mom and sister greet them warmly, which helps ease Gilly’s nerves. Sam’s sister loans Gilly a dress for dinner.

Dinner is tense. Randyll is a stern, angry man who spends most of dinner insulting his first-born. Gilly defends Sam, bragging that he killed a White Walker and saved her life “on the way down” to Castle Black. Randyll freezes. When questioned about the slip, Gilly admits she is from north of the wall. Randyll is furious to be hosting a wildling in his dining hall. He points out the Heartsbane sword on the wall, one of the last made of Valyrian steel. It was supposed to go to Sam after Randyll dies, but it won’t, because Randyll thinks Sam would be the end of their house. Randyll talks smack about Gilly until his wife leaves, having lost her appetite at her husband’s hatred. She takes Gilly and Sam’s sister with her. Randyll finally concedes that Little Sam will be raised at Horn Hill, and Gilly may work in the kitchen, but this will be the last night Sam will be allowed in the house.

Sam apologizes to Gilly for not defending her honor. He was worried she and the baby would be turned away. She isn’t mad, and kisses him before assuring him he is not what his father thinks he is. Sam leaves, but bursts back in a moment later. “We belong together, all of us,” Sam says, taking the baby. He is sure his mother and sister would understand. On the way out, Sam takes the Heartsbane sword.


Tommen is worried about Margaery’s walk of atonement, but the High Sparrow assures him people will be more gentle towards her than they were towards his mother. Tommen is allowed a visit with Margaery, and she voices her concern that she was “really good at seeming good.” She believes they all need to atone for their sins, and the gods have a plan for all of us.

Mace Tyrell and Jaime Lannister lead the Tyrell army through the city, and come before the High Sparrow. Jaime is there for Margaery and Loras. The High Sparrow insists that he doesn’t have the authority to give them over, just like Jaime doesn’t have the authority to take them. Jaime promises that every last Faith Militant would die before Margaery would walk the streets. The High Sparrow promises that there will be no walk of atonement. “Margaery has already atoned by bringing another into the pure light,” the High Sparrow explains.” Tommen marches out and stands beside his queen, while the High Sparrow continues, announcing a new age of harmony, a holy alliance between the crown and the faith. Jaime is horrified at this, and shakes his head as Tommen speaks. Tommen believes that it is only with the crown and the faith that they can restore the Seven Kingdoms to glory. The crowd cheers and Mace asks his mother what happened. “He’s beaten us,” Olenna explains. “That’s what happened.”

With Tommen back on the Iron Throne, Jaime presents himself to his king. He is stripped of his armor and Tommen declares Jaime unfit to serve as Kingsguard. He will continue his work, but not in the city. The decision is final, and Jaime is furious. He takes his grief to Cersei after he finds out he is being reassigned to handle the Riverrun situation. He wants to kill the High Sparrow, the entire Faith Militant, but Cersei calms him. He wouldn’t make it out of that fight alive, and assures him they have always been together, and will always be together.


Walder Frey is furious with his sons for losing Riverrun to the Blackfish and insists they take it back. He demands they take it back, and use Edmure Tully as a bargaining chip if need be.

Arya is watching the play again, waiting for the right moment to slip Lady Crane the poison. She is enjoying the performance, especially Lady Crane’s portrayal of Cersei. Before the play ends, she slips backstage and empties her poison into Lady Crane’s bottle of rum. The actors take their bows and Arya rushes away, though not fast enough. Lady Crane asks what she is doing there, and noticed she has seen the play before. Arya has seen it three times, and admit she did not pay. Lady Crane remembers when she was young and the theater came to her town, how she sneaked in without paying and was so taken with the theater she ran off with them the next day. Arya tells Lady Crane that she is very good, better than the material she is given, and suggests she change the play. Arya gives her name as Mercy, but gets nervous and leaves. Lady Crane joins the others for some post-show chit-chat. She is about to drink her rum when Arya reappears, knocking it from her hand. She warns Lady Crane to be careful of “that one” (referring to Bianca). “She wants you dead.” Arya storms out before anyone can ask her any questions. Of course, the Waif is there and sees the whole thing.

The Waif reports back to Jaqen, with a hint of a smug “told you so” look on her face. Jaqen is too absorbed in the face he is removing to notice her look, but he is saddened. “That girl had many gifts.” “You promised me,” the Waif insists. Jaqen agrees, but begs, “don’t let her suffer.” Clearly, the Waif is out to kill Arya. Arya seems to sense this is coming, for on her way home, she stops and pulls her sword from its hidey-hole. She does not return to the House of Black and White.


Finally, Daenerys leads her Dothraki contingent through the desert, Daario at her side. She is determined to sail her troops to Westoros, even though Daario estimates she will need at least 1,000 ships to do so. Daario is concerned, reminding Daenerys she is not destined to sit all her life; she is a conqueror. Daenerys leaves her troops there, promising to be back. They wait, and her army grows anxious. As Daario is about to leave to find her, Drogon flies overhead, then lands at the head of the army. Daenerys is on his back, and she gives a rousing speech that gets everyone screaming and excited. She points out that Khals choose three blood riders, but she is not a Khal, so she chooses them all.

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Game of Thrones Episode 606 Recap: Tommen Finally Puts His Power to Use –