GMOs Are Safe For Consumption, Scientists Say – Science World Report

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Consumers tend to get a lot of conflicting information regarding genetically engineered crops – as well as the food derived from them. Many claim risks associated with them, as well as their negative impact on agricultural, environmental, and human health – as well as economic outcomes that created a complicated and confusing landscape regarding the field.

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People have been very confused about the impacts of GMOs – but Forbes reported that an exhaustive study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said that they found “no substantiated evidence of a difference in risks to human health between current commercially available genetically engineered crops and conventionally bread crops.”

To find credibility to the study, the committee conducted an extensive review of evidenced that have been gathered in the last twenty years, correlating to over 900 studies and other publications. They also heard from 80 speakers at three public meetings and 15 webinars, reviewing over 700 comments and documents submitted by the public.

Among the findings on the impact of GE crops are as follows:

Agriculture and the environment – The report found “no conclusive evidence of cause-and-effect relationships between GE crops and environmental problems.” However, they also regocnized that weed and insect resistance related to GE crops have been increasing, which means that more attention and efforts should be made to mitigate the problem.

Human health – Many believe that consuming GE crops and food lead to higher incidence of different kinds of health problems such as cancer, gastrointestinal tract illnesses, and obesity, however the committee found no evidence of the differences between countries who ingest a high level of GE food.

This is because GE products are actually the most researched and tested products in history, which means that it builds on the growing evidence that supports the safety of consuming GMOs. Yet the topic of GMOs continue as one of the most debatable topics in history – and whether or not it is safe to consume them without risking the possibility of being sick.

GMOs Are Safe For Consumption, Scientists Say – Science World Report