Google goes all in with travel on mobile – – CNBC

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Google also attaches videos, ideas on local tourist sights and other locations nearby with suggested itineraries.

You can even price cap your search so that only options within your budget are displayed.

The new service is called Google Destinations. And for the moment it’s only available on mobile search.

Google wants to become the platform to which people naturally turn to browse and search for a vacation. In many respects, that’s the online travel industry’s current holy grail.

Huge potential profits lie in drawing members of the public to Google Destinations; identifying what elements of a holiday each might buy, where and on what date, and then funneling — or selling — those “qualified leads” to suppliers of that inventory who bid in real time for the business.

Google is clearly hoping its new product leapfrogs what’s currently being offered by the industry’s two other main aggregators; Kayak (owned by giant Priceline) and Trivago (owned by the other industry giant Expedia). Google’s developers have clearly worked hard to streamline and simplify the product and it could be a very powerful commercial tool.

Ever since Google bought travel data provider ITA in 2010, people have been waiting for it to exert its potential power; the U.S. Department of Justice even recently allowed Expedia to take over more rival brands in anticipation.

Google goes all in with travel on mobile – – CNBC