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Google has a new way to help you plan your next vacation called “Google Destinations.”

Google wants to simplify the way you search for your next vacation by using crowdsourced data from other travelers.

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Their new travel tool is called “Destinations” and it can tell you the best places to go, when it’s cheapest to travel there and even when it’s least crowded! Right now the service is only available on mobile phones and you have to use a specific keyword to access it.

To launch the tool, go to Google on your phone and type in the name of a place you’d like to go followed by the word “destinations.” For example:

hawaii destinations

italy destinations

africa destinations

RICH’S TIP: Start big! Google Destinations seems to work better when you start with the name of the bigger place. For instance, if you’re searching for Vancouver, try “Canada Destinations” instead of “Vancouver Destinations.”

Immediately, you’ll see a list of the popular places to go in those regions, including the estimated cost of a flight and hotel room.


Click a “destination” and now you get all kinds of great information, including a synopsis of the area, plus suggested itineraries and top sites.

Picture.1 2

Scroll down some more and now you can see what a trip would cost including airfare and hotel. Here’s where you can use Google to your advantage. Click the trip price and now you see a bar graph slider – just move this around to see when it might be cheaper to go to your destination. You can also edit the number of travelers, hotel class and number of nights you plan to stay.

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Back on the main page look for a section called “When to visit.” Here you will see the average weather for each month and how popular each month is. Don’t like crowds? Opt for a less popular time to go!

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Finally, check out the Suggested Itineraries. Here you can plan entire days of sightseeing  – complete with with maps and timing. Google Destinations will tell you how long you should plan to spend at each sight and how long it takes to get to the next one. It will even tell you if you should walk or take a taxi, bus or train. Amazing!!!

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More about Google Destinations is available on Google’s Official Blog.

Google’s New Travel Tool Reveals Best Places To Go & Cheapest Times To Visit – KTLA