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Headed out on Spring break? Here are the gadgets to pack including a waterproof speaker, 360° camera, and more!

If you’re headed out of town this Spring break don’t leave the tech behind.

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Water and outdoor adventures might be in your future, so before you hit the road here are some fun gadgets to complement your trip.

The Ultimate Ears U-E Roll is a great travel friendly, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It features 9-hours of 360° audio, providing the perfect soundtrack. Have another Ultimate Ears speaker? Pair them to have audio in every room. The U-E Roll is $100.

You can take a snapshot, or you can take a 360° video! The Ricoh Theta S shoots 360° photos and high definition videos so you can show off every angle of your vacation. Its thin design makes it easy to carry and use. Pair it with the Spinnable app to instantly share your moments. The Ricoh Theta S is $350.

When you’re in the outdoors, outlets may be few and far between. No need for a socket with the Zerolemon Solarjuice Solar Charger. Choose from various sizes up to 20000mAh; or enough to charge an iPhone 10 times. Place the solar panel in the sun for a quick boost. Solarjuice Solar Chargers start at $30.

Keep your phone dry with the Satechi GoMate waterproof case. The pouch provides protection in up to 20-feet of water. Its touch sensitive front panel lets you use your phone while the rear camera window lets you easily snap photos without removing your phone. The GoMate is $13.




Great Gadgets for Spring Break Travel – KTLA