Guests at Yeezy Fashion Show in New York

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La La Anthony, Winnie Harlow and lots of Hip Hop singer attend the Yeezy fashion Show at Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York
New York City, NY, USA on Wednesday September 7, 2016
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In case you weren’t fully aware, the Kardashian clan has taken New York Fashion Week by storm, so if you’re dying to know what all went down during Yeezy season 4, we’ve gotchya covered.
Because a successful Yeezy show wouldn’t be complete without a Kardashian takeover, right?

It was a great summer day in Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Park in NYC for a fashion show… a YEEZY fashion show, that is. Hundreds of models gathered for the grand production in nude-colored attire, but among the many unfamiliar faces strutted in Kim Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who, in true Kardashian fashion, managed to completely steal the show.

The trio flaunted their Kanye West-inspired wardrobe, when Kim supported her hubby sporting a mesh body-hugging dress covering a nude leotard and thigh-high boots, Kendall took the laid-back sporty route, wearing a sports bra with a matching, jacket and track pants, and ankle booties and Kylie showed off her figure in a crop top and high-waisted shorts combo with a serious side of under boob.

The sisters showed off all angles of their ensembles via Snapchat and Instagram, giving us major fashion envy, however, the highly anticipated Season 4 fashion show wasn’t exactly all glitz and glamour… a few minor mishaps occurred onstage during the show, including broken heels by a few models, one being Tyga’s former flame, Amina Blue, who struggled to make it down the runway until she was seen taking off her heels halfway through her walk.

Another model attempted to walk the entire runways despite her broken heel, which resulted in her ankles practically almost snapping after a tough fight…

But it was King Kylie to the rescue, as many fans watching the live stream tweeted about the mishap, one writing, “something is wrong,” to which Kylie came to the model’s defense, writing back QUOTE, “@riseupkordei nothing? I’m so proud of her. She didn’t want to disappoint and she fuckin pulled through and tried her best. She’s awesome,” and in another tweet, Kylie resoponded, “Her heel broke. It’s not her fault.”

And while a few models were hit with unfortunate shoe mishaps, many were hit with a bit of a heatwave. Some models took a second to sit down on the grass during the show in the 90-degree temperatures, and they were instructed to do so if the weather got to be too much.

Paper Magazine’s editorial director Michael Boardman recalls the event, saying QUOTE, “It was very hot. Some of the models had to stand there… they are real troopers. Some had to be given water, and I’m glad that they were.”

Despite the minor setbacks, he did reveal that the event as a whole was an incredible production, saying, “It’s a beautiful occasion. I’m a big Yeezy fan. The thing is, he’s an artist. So it’s kind of hard to approach it from a fashion perspective … You have to appreciate it as a happening and an experience.”

And I think by now, we’re all well aware that Kanye is all about the art, production and entire experience so I’d say it was yet another success, but we’ve got a lotta ground to cover so I want to know what you guys thought about Kim, Kendall and Kylie’s wardrobe and how about those wardrobe malfunctions? Get to talking right down here and then after that, don’t forget to click right here for a brand new Beauty Trippin involving sensory deprivation AKA floating… yeah, it’s a thing you gotta see to believe. Thanks for hangin with me here on Clevver News, I’m Erin Robinson and I’ll see ya later.

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