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Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Stung by Bees and 8 Other Wild Beauty Tips to Help You Look Like Her – E! Online

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Gwyneth Paltrow

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Thanks to her much-talked about GOOP website, we are well aware that Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t afraid to try some crazy (and crazy expensive) things when is comes to her appearance and health.

Now, the 43-year-old actress sat down with about all the New York Times and dished on all the products, services and regimens she follows to stay looking young and feeling healthy—yes, even allowing herself to get stung by bees all over her body.

So without further ado, here are 8 crazy things Gwynnie swears by (you know, if you’re trying to look as great as she always does):

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1. Use Oil For Everything: From taking off her makeup to keeping a fresh, dewy face, the actress swears by using oil all over her body. “In general, I love serums and face oils and body oils. I’m a real oil kind of girl,” she explained. “There’s a myth that oil is not good for your skin. I don’t believe in that at all.”

2. Only Cover Up With Mineral Sunscreen: “I only use mineral sunscreens, never the chemicals one,” she revealed. “I don’t understand why anyone would put on carcinogens.” Who knew SPF could be so bad?

3. Barely Wear Makeup: Paltrow admits her 11-year-old daughter, Apple, is way more into makeup than she is, saying, “I often go out with just mascara and a little cheek. I don’t use bronzer. You need technique to use bronzer, highlighter and BB cream, all these things my daughter tells me about.” Basically, the blonde beauty says that living in Los Angeles and being outdoors all the time keeps her from packing on makeup.

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4. If You Have to Wear Makeup, Don’t You Dare Use Anything Toxic: Paltrow sticks to non-toxic products from Juice Beauty (who she is also collaborating with on her own makeup line) and a few other environment-friendly lines. “It’s less and less hard to find nontoxic stuff,” she explains. “It’s kind of amazing how much selection is available.”

5. Rock Your Natural Scent: Paltrow has stopped wearing any fragrances because she explains, “it’s unregulated and all that.” 

6. Use Japanese Shampoos: The actress admits that finding non-toxic hair products can be really hard. She sticks to Japanese shampoos for her “dry, damaged, bleached hair.”

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7. Trust Tracey Anderson: GP says she follows Tracey Anderson‘s advice for her exercise routine. She also gets down and dirty” in the boxing ring ever once in a while.

8. Hail to the Hippie Services: Paltrow says she’s a big fan of all-natural services that give her a little boost. From acupuncture to sound baths to getting stung by bees, she’s a “big guinea pig” to try anything.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Stung by Bees and 8 Other Wild Beauty Tips to Help You Look Like Her – E! Online