Hearthstone Best of Mind Control Tech – M.C. Tech – Funny and lucky Rng Moments

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Hearthstone Mind Control Tech – M.C. Tech – Murloc HS – Funny and Lucky Plays
Best moments of Mind Control Tech – M.C. Tech
Funny and Rng Gameplays of Mind Control Tech – M.C. Tech

Mind Control Tech is a rare neutral minion card, from the Classic set. If the player’s opponent has 4 or more minions when the card is played, its Battlecry will allow them to take control of one at random.
Because Mind Control Tech’s Battlecry is untargeted (unlike Cabal Shadow Priest), you are not required to have a free space on the board for the minion it would steal when you play Mind Control Tech. Because of this, if the summoning of Mind Control Tech itself makes your board full, leaving no room for the stolen minion, the minion it attempts to steal will instead die, and any Deathrattle will be triggered for your opponent.
Because of this, playing Mind Control Tech with a Brann Bronzebeard on the board will result in two separate minions potentially being taken control of (assuming the opponent has at least 5). This again assumes you have two space on your side of the board; if you have no spaces both minions will be destroyed, and if you have 1 space then 1 minion will be captured and the other destroyed.
Mind Control Tech is good against decks whose objective is to fill the board with minions, such as Zoo, Murloc, or Hobgoblin decks. You may be able to steal a strong early-game or buffed minion, strengthening your board and disrupting the tempo of your opponent.

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