Hello Science Advocates! (Video for the Ark Encounter Protestors)

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Hello Science Advocates! (Video for the Ark Encounter Protestors)

Hemant Mehta (http://www.friendlyatheist.com, http://www.patreon.com/Hemant , https://www.facebook.com/friendlyatheist)

When Ark Encounter (the Noah’s Ark theme park) opened in Kentucky on July 7, I couldn’t be there in person to join the protest, but I sent along this video to show my solidarity.

Hello science advocates —

For once, the rational people are the ones outside Noah’s Ark.

I’m sorry I can’t be there in person today, but I wanted to join you in sending a message to the country about how embarrassed we are by this park.

And when I was putting together my thoughts, I pulled up the speech I gave at opening day of the Creation Museum and realized I don’t have to change very much.

I’m still embarrassed that people might walk away from this Park thinking it’s a legitimate replica of something that actually happened.

I’m still embarrassed that Kentucky officials speak positively about this attraction without bringing up all the scientific misinformation inside of it.

I’m still embarrassed that this park is marketed to children who might accidentally think this is a part of history.

And as an Indian person, I’m still embarrassed that, according to the exhibits inside, my people didn’t even exist 6,000 years ago.

The only thing anyone will learn after touring this boat is that Creationists have waaaay too much money at their disposal.

It is hard to fight faith with facts when the other other side has nearly 0 million dollars at their disposal, in part thanks to the help of state officials.

We can do it, though. It just means not letting them get away with these lies.

Those of you who live nearby would be doing everyone a huge favor by creating a website, documenting all the exhibits inside, what’s wrong with them, and what science actually tells us.

I would love for someone to make a scientific walking tour through the Boat, so that I could listen to someone who actually understands reality as I look at exhibits made by people who don’t.

And I want to make very clear: The problem here isn’t Christianity. We know this is bad science, and plenty of Christians agree with us.

Many pastors will tell you that this Ark is a perversion of the Bible. They’ll say the Book of Genesis was never meant to be taken literally. We need to hear their voices more than ever.

And we need them to convince their congregations to appreciate science instead of Ken Ham’s fantasy world.

You’re all here because you support critical thinking and you know that young people would be in awe of science if only they had a proper understanding of it.

Think about all the children whose curiosity and imagination will be stifled because their parents are taking them to this Ark and the Creation Museum instead of a place where they might actually learn something.

This place takes childlike curiosity and rips it apart by telling kids (and uneducated adults) lies about how our world and all the species in it came to be.

It’s unfair to them and it’s up to all of us to undo the damage.

I haven’t even walked into the Ark, obviously, but I can tell you what you won’t see inside: Unanswered questions. And that may be the most depressing thing of all.

Ken Ham and his team pride themselves on the idea that the Book of Genesis answers everything we ever needed to know about Creation.

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