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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Rocco Piazza and Family. My name is Rocco and I’m seven years old living in Corona California, I picked up a scooter at the age of five and fell in love with the sport.I am also very talented on hoverboard. I have an awesome family who are all a big part of my life. I love my family and friends and can’t thank them enough for all the encouragement and support. I will always do my best to promote and keep people involved in the sport. My vlogs will follow the journey of my life with my family and friends. We post daily vlogs that include Scootering, Hover Boarding, BMX, extreme sports, Play Doh, Legos, Costumes, Nerf guns, holidays like Easter, Halloween & Christmas, we have fun birthday parties, we love indoor playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds, bounce houses, parks, water parks, Knotts Berry Farm, Legos, water toys, play houses, forts, mess making, trying new foods, pranks, going crazy down the stairs, going to the beach, swimming, pools, languages, sports, soccer, makeup. Enjoy becoming a part of my awesome life! Be sure to watch daily.

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Rocco’s Scooter & Gear Suggestions:
http://goo.gl/xSQISi (HELMET)
http://goo.gl/D0yXgM (MGP SCOOTER/DECK)
http://goo.gl/fp0seq (WHEELS)
http://goo.gl/zHfWM7 (GRIP TAPE)
http://goo.gl/GN85V3 (SHOES)
http://goo.gl/hb4A9Z (SOCKS)
http://goo.gl/WgXdmn (JEANS)
http://goo.gl/aaKvlU (UNDERWEAR)

http://goo.gl/H42Uzu (JUICEY DROP TAFFY)
http://goo.gl/SEpkQY (MINI PANCAKES)
http://goo.gl/OSQlHL (pellet gun)
http://goo.gl/I4gCg3 (Wet Head Game)
http://goo.gl/p5nMcm (Gummy Worm)

http://goo.gl/BuqO8a (DR. DRE BEATS HEADPHONES)
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