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The Denver Broncos appear to be in a stalemate with the San Francisco 49ers in regards to trading Colin Kaepernick. I look at some options at how the Broncos could get the deal done.

Well, we are 24 hours removed from the trade that shocked Broncos Country. Yes, the Broncos did acquire Mark Sanchez from the Philadelphia Eagles for almost nothing. (A 7th Round conditional draft pick)

Some of Broncos Country were panicking. Some where very curious as to why Sanchez. Everyone else outside of Broncos Country laughed. However, the acquisition of Sanchez could be for a bigger ploy.

Rumor has it that the Broncos are still looking to acquire Colin Kaepernick from the San Francisco 49ers. And perhaps having Sanchez as insurance could be the smoking gun that gets the deal done.

But let’s get to the question. How do the Broncos acquire Colin Kaepernick? Let’s weigh in all of the options.

According to the information that I have read, it will take a bit to acquire the 49ers signal caller. An early third round pick is most likely the deal that the 49ers are going to want. The Cleveland Browns, one of the teams interested in Kaepernick’s services have the second pick in the draft this year. Meaning that they will go second in the third round.

The Broncos draft late in the third round. So it appears as if the chances at a third round pick to trade is off the table. But what if they used that third round pick and gave the 49ers Mark Sanchez and one other key player?

The positions that the 49ers are looking to address in the offseason are offensive line, wide receiver, cornerback, and defensive line. Elway could be willing to offer something that the 49ers are looking for in those positions, given the right price that is.

Mark Sanchez

Nov 26, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez (3) scrambles during the fourth quarter of a NFL game on Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Detroit won 45-14. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Another option could be trading Sanchez and the Broncos 2nd Round Draft Pick for Kaepernick. Since the Browns have a high third round pick, being able to draft in the late stages in the second round could help the 49ers chances. But is Elway willing to part ways with that draft pick?

Another option that is probably going to be borderline insane to some is this… Trading the Broncos 31st overall pick to the 49ers for Kaepernick.

I know, it is crazy to think. Why trade our first round pick to the 49ers for Kaepernick? He’s not worth that much.

But if you look closely, it may not be that bad of a trade. Seeing as how the Broncos pick last this year, the team could benefit from the reward of having Kaepernick on the roster. Even if the Broncos were planning on taking a quarterback with the 31st pick, it is most likely they would have to wait for him to start anyways.

And there are a handful of quarterbacks in the later rounds that the Broncos could take as well. Dak Prescott and Vernon Adams are two prospects that I think could be available in the later rounds. And I think those two could be more ready in about 2-3 years give or take. And as far as offensive line, the Broncos have had more success drafting one in the later rounds. Tom Nalen is a perfect example.

No matter what it takes, I think Kaepernick is worth the risk. No matter how it gets done, just make it happen.

On one final note on Sanchez, if the Broncos end up using him for the Kaepernick trade, I would say that Elway is a genius. If the 49ers were looking to get Sanchez due to Chip Kelly’s track record with him, I think it would have been odd for the team to negotiate with the Eagles.

Perhaps Elway saw that and got to Sanchez so that he could be traded to get Kaepernick. It is a win-win situation that I can fully agree with.

We shall see what happens. What do you think would be a good deal to get Kaepernick in Denver? Let me know in the comments below.

How Can the Broncos Acquire Colin Kaepernick? – Predominantly Orange