How to make NO SEW DOLL BATHING SUITS! (3 tops, 1 bottom, and a swim skirt)

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Learn how to make 3 types of bathing suit tops, 1 type of bottoms, and even a swim skirt, all no sew! They are super easy and can be re-used. Sorry that this video ended up so long!

I CANT TAKE FULL CREDIT FOR PART OF THESE BATHING SUITS! I got some of my ideas from this video:

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Top #1: 0:51

Top #2: 5:05

Top #3: 7:17

Bottoms: 12:32

Swim Skirt: 16:00
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With spring break here, its time to store the sweatpants and whip out the swimsuits. And this year its less about the bikinis and more about going retro! Who can pull a retro bikini or high waisted bathing suit like these off? Find out if retro swimsuits are the next big thing on TYTU’s Trendy or Trashy. Tweet!

What do you think about these new retro swimsuits? Do they balance a bit of old school innocence while still looking attractive? Do they work better with less “perfect” bodies? Vote Wall of Fame or Wall of Shame in the comments!

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