Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Toyota’s new Prius, and more! – Engadget

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In clean energy news, General Electric just announced that America’s first offshore wind farm will be completed by the end of this year. China kicked its environmental initiatives up a notch with plans to triple its solar power capacity by the year 2020. Tesla has discontinued its 10kWh Powerwall home battery as it prepares to launch a new model this summer. A tiny house village for the homeless in Oregon received a solar energy upgrade, and we spotted a handy photovoltaic “Lifepack” that keeps your gadgets powered on the go.

Producing water from thin air sounds like a magic trick, but that’s exactly what the Warka Water Tower does, and this week the project took home a World Design Impact Prize. Meanwhile, an Icelandic designer developed a biodegradable water bottle made entirely from algae, and a Berlin grocery store unveiled a vertical micro-farm that grows fresh produce on-site. In China, an abandoned factory has been transformed into a green oasis complete with floating fields of crops. An ambitious architect unveiled plans for a gorgeous glass home built around a gigantic tree. And we spotted an insane proposal to surround New York’s Central Park with 1,000-foot glass walls.

Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Toyota’s new Prius, and more! – Engadget

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