Irish urged to ‘phone-a-friend’ in UK to warn against perils of Brexit –

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“We are not telling people how to vote, but Irish people have a unique opportunity to have their say. An EU without the UK would be bad for Ireland, bad for the UK and bad for Europe,” added Ms O’Connell.

Although not a homogenous block, insiders in the Irish community say they expect a strong turnout from Irish voters who are pro-Remain and – anecdotally – are also more motivated to vote than their English peers.

“This is an issue that will unify people, and on this issue Irish people are overwhelmingly in favour of Britain staying ‘in’,” said Bernard Purcell, editor of Irish World, a weekly paper for Irish people in the UK whose post-bag, he says, is overwhelmingly pro-Remain.

“People are concerned. People who read our paper have a positive attitude to this country, they made their lives and businesses here in UK and they are invested in this country, and want to see it remain in Europe,” he added.

Brigid Laffan, the Irish-born director of the Robert Schuman Centre at the European University Institute in Florence, said Ireland was not “misty-eyed” about the EU, but was clear it was the best framework available and did not stop Ireland seeking a global trade footprint.

“Irish politicians are seeking to mobilise the vote,” she said, “My son and daughter in London tell me that there is considerable discussion on the topic among their peers, even among the apolitical. The Irish in the UK will tend and trend towards Remain.”

Irish urged to ‘phone-a-friend’ in UK to warn against perils of Brexit –