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J.C. Penney is launching a new sale that the retailer hopes will bring customers back to the doors of J.C. Penney retail stores and their online storefront. According to Today, the sale will be dubbed “Get Your Penney’s Worth,” which will feature items on sale for only one penny. Both the J.C. Penney’s retail locations and JCP.com will put certain products on sale for a penny, and the news has folks planning their shopping trips, be they online or at the brick and mortar stores.

In order to get the jump on the J.C. Penney sale items that only cost one penny, it helps to get prepared for the one-cent sale, which starts on Sunday, February 28. There’s no word on whether that means JCP.com will have items exactly at midnight on sale for one penny, during a time that would still feel like Saturday night. To prepare, it can’t hurt for customers who want to get in on the sale to set up their online J.C. Penney accounts at the retailer’s website and get information like shipping and credit card pre-loaded.

J.C. Penney was forced to close approximately 40 J.C. Penney stores and let go of 300 employees last year at the Texas J.C. Penney’s headquarters. This new one penny sale is both a play on the “Penney” name and a tactic to try and get more customers back to the stores.

However, since folks have seen what can happen when big sales occur at other major retailers’ websites — or when designers begin offering their wares through sites like Target for the first time — with the items being sold out immediately, it’s likely a good idea to keep expectations in check for the big one penny sale and get prepared.

Starting at midnight on Saturday, or beforehand, it can’t hurt to visit the JCP.com homepage to see if any links to the one penny items become available for sale. Then, check various categories on J.C. Penney’s website, like the women’s clothing category and sort the listing by price from “low to high” from the drop-down menu, in hopes that the one-penny priced items will show up.

There’s no word on how much the shipping charges will be on these one-penny items. Only after the sale is announced will folks be able to see how much money they are really saving on the one-penny items. If JCP.com does still charge shipping fees on the items priced one penny, folks who don’t want to pay for shipping can still try their hands at getting one penny priced items at their local brick and mortar J.C. Penney stores. Perhaps some of the J.C. Penney stores will accidentally have their one penny items set up early, so shoppers can get the jump on those one penny items.

According to Mary Beth West, the J.C. Penney chief customer and marketing officer, the penny sale items won’t be junk, but the five-star-rated items for their “Penney Days” penny sale. The items for sale for a penny will be found in a variety of categories and at different “price points,” so one wonders if the buy-one, get-one for a penny part means that J.C. Penney customers have to buy an item at the regular price and get the other item for a penny — or if both J.C. Penney items will be one penny each.

“In order to encourage trial, and introduce more customers to the quality and style associated with brands such as Arizona and JCPenney Home, we are hosting a unique promotional event called Penney Days. At various times throughout the year, we will make available a limited run of some of our five-star-rated items within our private brands so customers have the opportunity to try them for a penny. [The penny sale item will be] a five-star-rated item from within our private brand portfolio that customers tell us that they love. They will reflect a range of categories and price points.”

Either way, checking out J.C. Penney categories like handbags sorted by price from low to high will likely be a great way to find the J.C. Penney penny sale items.

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J.C. Penney’s Penny Sale: 1 Cent Items — Get JCP.com Links To Penny Items, And Buy-One-Get-One For A Penny Stuff – The Inquisitr